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New album previews

Greetings, friends!

I'm having a break from touring (until July), which has given me time to focus on my e-news, shoot new videos, and write and record new tunes for my next CD. 

I'd love to share a couple of tracks with you, recently filmed at home. (Both on the next album)

Feel free to leave your comments. I'm inviting you to send me requests, and I'll make a short video for you...old or new, original or cover, it doesn't matter!

Here's an example: Ryan from Broken Hill asked for 'We Can Work It Out' by The Beatles...


Wherever you are in the world, I hope you enjoy your Easter. Until next time...


Comments Section

I just got my copy of Bending Air and since I found Sticky Rice on Youtube I have been a fan. Your playing shows such a depth of feeling for music and the guitar that you indeed make it sing and the souls of mere guitar owners like me rejoice in the pleasure that you share. Thank you Michael.
Hallo Michael, vielen Dank für die beiden schönen Videos und Glückwunsch zum gelungenen neuen Song "Denali"! Das Drop-D-Tuning bei "We can work it out" macht sich wirklich sehr gut! Ich war vor 3 Wochen in München auf dem Irish-Folk-Konzert von "The Outside Track". Die Band spielt neben eigenen Songs viele schöne Covers und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass einige Stücke sehr gut als Figerstyle-Stücke von dir klingen würden, z.B. "Peter's dream" oder "Farewell song". Ich kann diese Band sehr empfehlen. Viele Grüße aus Traunstein Jochen
Hi Michael, Loving the content you’re sharing! I hear a nice mix of melody, counter melody and harmony in “Denali”. Have you ever messed around with “Schön Marin”? I love the way Albert Lee arranged it and it’s a great exercise piece. Maybe you might do a version of this beautiful tune? I’d love the hear a Fix version! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful playing Michael. Kind regards, Patrick
Re Denali. Just beautiful Michael; it took me right back there. My dear friends, father and son Marty and Denali Schmidt both died endeavouring to climb K2 in the Himalayas a few years ago. Denali was chosen as the name of this beautiful boy. I hear your piece , Michael, as a requiem to the memory of two fine men. I also regret the passing of the Loose Acoustic Winterbreak; so ?I will not be seeing you this year. Unless you would like to do a series of kiwi house concerts! Kind regards Collin Littlewood
Loved Denali, and the scenary, is that Europe or North America. Note you will be at City Hall on 9 July and the Events Centre on 7th - will try to get along to one of those. Your European touring calendar is looking very full. I am heading to Germany to see my nephew, wife and family for all December, so it will be a tad cooler by then. A very happy Easter to you and your family too. Regards Dennis

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